Family Intervention


  • 12 weeks
  • 24 hours of  ‘Emotivate me’ family intervention 
  • Coaching and Therapy by experienced an practitioners 
  • Solution focused approach to achieving goals
  • Target areas of emotional and social development 
  •  Improved physical and mental well being 
  •  Create an alternative future


  There are many issues can have a negative impact on families today. Our intervention Family Matters’ is a 12 week intervention designed improve physical and mental well-being for the household. ‘Family matters’ supports families to overcome social, emotional and health difficulties, supporting the family on a collective and individual basis when necessary. Our staff Facilitate the ‘Emotivate me’ interventions at the family home on a regular basis with the aim to improve Emotional intelligence. Our intervention improves individuals by identifying social and emotional deficiencies that impact their family life. Developing a toolbox of skills to help manage emotions, increasing the chances of family remaining together, supporting positive change and life outcomes.   Is your family at breaking point? do you need support with family life? Struggling to cope with a family member? Unable to resolves conflict without emotional outburst? Would your family benefit from improved emotional intelligence?  


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