RISE Holistic Behaviour Therapists and Coaches facilitate comprehensive programs designed to help clients make positive behavior changes in their life. Each program works through the ten topics of change theory, which include emotions, decision-making, relationships, community, conflict, and more. By working through these topics, clients gain a better understanding of themselves, their behavior patterns, and the steps needed to achieve personal growth and positive change.

Clients who engage in the RISE Holistic Behaviour programs receive a wide range of benefits, including a renewed sense of self-awareness, the ability to process emotions effectively, and a deeper understanding of their relationships. The program helps clients to build and maintain healthy relationships, make informed decisions, and tackle any challenges they may face with confidence and empathy.

Moreover, clients will learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and create a sense of belonging within their community. They will develop a personalised plan for personal growth and transformation, with the guidance and support of an experienced coach. The program also helps clients to embrace their unique qualities, values, and beliefs, making them feel empowered and motivated to create a life of joy, fulfillment, and purpose.

Overall, the RISE Holistic Behaviour Theraputic programs are an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to make positive behavior changes in their life. By engaging in these programs, clients can gain a renewed sense of self-awareness, improve their relationships, and unlock their full potential to become the best version of themselves

Holistic Behaviour Programs

Rising Confidence

Coaching Program for Empowering Young People in the Community is a powerful and life-changing 12-week journey that is designed to help young people tap into their inner strength and unleash their full potential

Rise to Your True Self

12-Week Coaching Program for Identity and Personal Growth" and embark on a transformative journey towards discovering your true self and achieving personal empowerment.

Rise From the Streets

12-week journey aimed at empowering students who are facing challenges with delinquent behavior and at risk of exclusion, as well as those who put themselves in harm's way in the community.