Areas of support

Our intervetions are accessable in local communties. Our staff work with clients in their environenments at primary, secondary and SEN provisions. in additon to supporting at home, community centres and youth clubs.

Classroom Management For Educators
Family Support
Home Education
Student support in Education
Transition Post 16
Virtual Interventions
Social issues

impacting communities

Social issues have a huge impact on families and the wider community. A reported increase in children suffering from difficulties with their mental and physical health, is having a major effect on communities. if a child’s emotional needs are not met, it can result in behaviour difficulties. If these needs are not identified or understood, it will have a long-term impact on a young persons education, health and well-being.

Children permanently excluded from school each year
Percent of young people are experiencing mental health problems aren't receiving treatment
£ 51,761
A year to fund a boys placement in a Young Offenders Institute
Students are being excluded or rolled each year
Get Emotivated

Our packages

One Off Workshop Session

Creative bespoke Workshop for upto 30 participants
  • ‘Emotivate me’ group coaching

  • Facilitated by an experienced practitioner

12 Week Workshop - Full day

Full day Creative Workshop packages £90 per person
  • 12 x ‘Emotivating Me’ group coaching sesssions

  • Facilitated by an experienced practitioners at the Learning environment

  • Based 4 x groups ( upto 60) learners each week

12 Session Workshops “School edition”

Creative workshop packages start from £120 per person
  • 12 weeks ‘Emotivating Me’ group coaching

  • Facilitated by an experienced practitioners at the Learning environment

Workshop and Therapy “ School Edition”

12 Weeks of Workshop & Play Therapy for 10 Students
  • 12 weeks of creative workshop and play therapy

  • Facilitated by an experienced practitioners

Play Therapy “School Edition”

Full day play therapy ( 5x 45mins) sessions per day
  • One day a week for 12 Weeks

  • Facilitated by an experienced Therapist

Family Coaching and Therapy

Packages start from £899 for 12 sessions of family intervention
  • Weekly ‘Emotivating Me’ family coaching and Therapy

  • Facilitated at place of residence by an experienced practitioners

Virtual Teacher Programme

Virtual Teaching (10 x sessions)
  • Initial Baseline Assessment

  • Facilitated by an experienced educator

Play Therapy “Home Edition”

Based on minimum 6 x ( 1 hr sessions)
  • Facilitated by an experienced Play Therapist at the family home

Become a Homeschool Facilitator

10 Week Virtual Interactive Course
  • 10 x 1 hr group sessions

  • Facilitated by a fully qualified Teacher

Coaching “ School Edition”

12 Weeks Coaching for Students
  • One day a week

  • Facilitated by an experienced practitioner

Independent Living Coaching Programme

Price based per person ( Group 10)
  • 26 Weeks of sessions

  • Facilitated by experienced facilitator

Classroom Management For Educators

1 hr x Workshop for upto 30 educators
  • One off workshop to support educators manage learners behaviour

  • Facilitated by experienced practitioner at education establishment