12 weeks Workshop &Therapy 

  • Target social issues affecting participants
  • Develop areas of social and emotional development
  • Develop Solution focused approach to overcoming issues
    Develop strategies to managing feelings.
  • Support EHCP targets
  • Support participants create a preferred future.

Workshops and Play therapy have proved very successful collaboration in the school environment. Students engage in discussion around their social and emotional development, whilst reflecting on issues affecting their community. Our tailored workshop sessions are creative and engaging to meet the needs of the group.


Workshop runs alongside play therapy sessions to support students express their feelings in safe environment.  These one to one sessions are facilitated by an expe. Ppprienced play therapist. 

Each student receives  12  sessions of ‘Emotivating Me’ group coaching and 6 sessions of play therapy.

This interventions includes periodic assessment to evaluate progression. Our assessment has a greater impact with input from parents and school. /EQ Behaviour Assessments to support personal development targets.