Stephen Allen is the founder and CEO of Emotivaing Minds. He  spent Most of his career has been based in therapeutic settings, mainly in residential care and EBD/SEMH schools, supporting high risk vulnerable children and adults. Stephen developed his skills in challenging environments which gave him the opportunity to practice and improve various techniques and approaches to managing challenging behaviour in the most stressful environments. These experiecnes as a practitioner led to supporting a significant number of diverse clients through crisis intervention. futher developing his understanding of emotions and the impact they have on human behavior.

After nearly 20 years within the industry, despite working with many excellent practioners, he witnessed first hand countless young people and families stuggle to overcome trauma or cope with emotional and behavioiural difficulties. Without adequate support in the environment has lead to social issues from family break ups, self harm, drug addicton and mental health breakdowns to the point of suicide. what was evident was the lack of appropriate intervention that can engage young people and families to move towards thier prefered future. At times felt frustrated as it felt impossible to have the desired impact on a young person life, feeling unable to meet thier needs holistically. On many occasions proving impossible to deliver effective care due to the inconsistency of multi-agency working .

Emotivating Minds was created to impact communities by improving facilitating bespoke interventions for young people and families to overcome emotional and social difficulties. Essentially our model is centred around the clients needs, with a team of experienced proffesionals working in collaboration, each applying thier expertise to best support the client move forward in their life.

Why Emotivating Minds? Emotivaing is a term defined after attempting to define a style of Engagement with clients. E is for Emotion, which means to move, and motivating is the purpose. So Emotivating is understanding and using your emotions to motivate positive actions that will lead a person their towards goal or purpose.

Emotivating minds staff are first and foremost are compasionate and empathetic people who are very passionate proffessionals aiming to impact individuals overcome stressful periods in their life and improve thier well-being.