We believe creating a positive well-being is a fundamental part of a happy lifestyle. The choices made by others And ourselves have a direct impact on our self esteem and well-being, especially as children.

A positive environment will always help a person flourish. Although not all environments are positive and some are quite damaging to our well-being, especially if we feel we do not have control.


To gain control over our environment it’s important to gain control over our feelings, as the way we feel can make our environment easier to cope with.

We support our clients flourish by impacting their well-being. During ’Emotive Me’ sessions we explore ‘Ten topics of change‘ topics such as relationships, self and identity and communication.

Our approach for clients is hugely beneficial as we are able have a greater impact a persons well-being as our clients are able to access a variety of services from the same team of professionals, Further increasing the chances of clients ability to improve their well-being