Emotivating approach is a therapeutic approach to intervention. we have a wide range of therapies to support individuals overcome their issues.

Play therapy is a very successful therapy, especially for children and young people that find it difficult to communicate their feelings or manage their emotions effectively. Play therapy allows the participant to explore and express thier emotions and feelings in a creative way. Supporting participants to build empathy and respect for others, whilst developing coping strategies and creative problem solving skills.


Our play therapist are highly skilled professionals, with a wealth of experience supporting vulnerable children and young people through crisis. All individuals have different needs, however to achieve the best outcomes there needs to be consistent sessions over a period of time.

In an education setting we can offer a full day of therapy for your learners. Which consist of 5 x 45 minute sessions facilitated at your premises for a initial 12 weeks. Ideally the same learners consistently, as this helps build rapport and consistency to achieve Positive outcomes.

For best results, our therapy sessions work well in collaboration with other group work interventions. Participants can experience group workshops and therapy as part of a holistic intervention.