The “Rise to Successful Co-Parenting: A 12-Week Coaching Program for Couples” A 12-Week Transformation Program” is designed to help families navigate the unique challenges that come with co-parenting. The program is aimed at improving communication, reducing conflict, and promoting positive behaviors that benefit the overall well-being of both parents and children. The program consists of 12 weekly coaching sessions, each focused on a specific topic related to co-parenting. During these sessions, families will work with a trained coach to address the root causes of their challenges, learn new skills for managing stress and conflict, and create a personalised Behaviour plan for making positive changes. Families will also have access to resources such as online videos, handouts, and worksheets to enhance their understanding of the topics covered in each session. Additionally, they will receive ongoing support from the coaching team, including regular check-ins, progress tracking, and additional resources as needed. The ultimate goal of the RISE co-parenting coaching program is to empower families to make lasting, positive changes in their relationships, communication, and overall wellbeing. By the end of the program, families will have a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, a set of tools and strategies for managing conflict and stress, and a renewed sense of hope and confidence in their ability to navigate co-parenting successfully.