Social Issues

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There is an increasing amount of communities struggling to cope with the needs of young people and their families. Over the past few decades there has been steady increase in recognized mental health and learning difficulties. We can become entrenched in negative thought cycles that stop us from moving forward in our lives. A lack of adequate support increases stress and anxiety within households, having a direct impact on a family‚Äôs health, well-being, and education. Social and emotional issues developed within the home are major contributing influences on the rise in anti-social behaviour affecting our communities. Our emotions are set off by our thoughts and feelings, which shapes our behaviour. There are lots of factors that contribute to our emotional state. Together with physical and mental well-being, relationships, identity and community impacts decision making and the ability to cope in our environment. An increase in food banks, homelessness, violent crime and sexual exploitation are just a few examples of social issues that are affecting young people and families in communities today. if you feel affected by social issues and would like some support fill out our   Referral Form