Our CEO and Founder Stephen Allen, has gained extensive experience in managing the emotions of young people and adults in a range of sectors over the past 20 years. In ever demanding and challenging environments, he has developed and implemented many successful behaviour strategies, interventions and workshops to enable a positive change to the environment. His success has led to the creation of ‘Emotivating Minds’.

Sarah Dawson, the Director of Therapy, has a wealth of experience supporting and delivering a range of holistic therapy interventions including play therapy with outstanding results in specialised schools and residential care provisions. Sarah previously spent many years working in residential care, supporting many young people in crisis environments

Amy Gunner, the Director of Health, is a former Deputy head and Author whom specialises in the development of educational resources for students and educators. Her years of experience in teaching diverse abilities across mainstream and SEN provisions, has enabled her to be able to identify and support the ever expanding educational needs of young people to remove barriers to learning.