12 weeks ‘Emotivating Me’ coaching

  • Target social issues affecting students
  • Develop areas of social and emotional development
  • Develop Solution focused approach to overcoming issues
  • Support EHCP targets
  • Support students create a preferred future.


Coaching a school is an intervention to support students who are having difficulties managing the school environment. During different periods on a child’s school journey, they encounter different barriers to overcome.

One to one sessions are facilitated by an experienced practitioner in managing risk around vulnerable young people  displaying high risk behaviour.

During sessions Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour Holistically, whilst building towards a preferred future.

Each student receives 12 ( 1hr) sessions of ‘Emotivating Me’ coaching, one day per week, On school site.

Students will be supported to learn techniques and strategies that reduce thier risk in the community whilst building their resilience and self esteem

EQ Behaviour assessments to support personal development targets.