Emotivating Minds is an organisation committed to improving life outcomes for young people and families. We achieve this by facilitating person-centered interventions and group workshops, that target identified emotional and social deficiencies. We improve life outcomes, through the exploration of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). EQ has a huge impact on the way we think, feel and respond to situations, having vast implications on our mental health and lifestyle choices. 

After spending many years positively impacting and supporting young people to overcome social and emotional difficulties, our life and professional experiences have shaped our development as practitioners, ‘Emotivating’ us to develop our practices thus far. 

Our highly experienced team of coaches, therapists, educators and health professionals have the expertise to provide wrap-around holistic support, ‘Emotivating’ people to make better life choices. Implementing our model, ‘Emotivating Approach’ into practice, to allow us to support young people and families to achieve their best hopes.