One of our strengths is our dynamic approach to intervention. ‘Emotivating Minds’ has a team of experienced practitioners, who collectively bring their expertise to interventions. The first initial step is the referral, next a period of consultation takes place to ensure our team can facilitate appropriate intervention to support the client to move forward. Our wraparound approach provides clients with motivation to move forward. Clients receive collective expertise from a team of therapeutic, health and educational specialists to ensure more consistent positive outcomes when supporting individuals holistic needs. 


We are based in the Midlands but facilitate interventions across the UK. We primarily focus on delivering interventions in educational establishments, such as schools, colleges and alternative provisions. Our ‘Social Prescriptions’ also enable us to support vulnerable people in communities, at various locations such as the family home, community centres, youth centres and prisons.

Emotional Development

Our emotions impact our development right from the moment we are born. Our experiences shape the way we think, feel and act. Our ‘Model of Change’ is a person centered approach that incorporates solution focused methodology. Our aim is for clients to arrive at their preferred future, by supporting them to achieve a better understanding of their emotions, and the impact on their actions.  Our therapeutic approach to intervention enables clients to implement positive lifestyle changes.


Emotivating interventions are specifically designed to improve a persons emotional intelligence. Our ‘Social Prescriptions’, are a range of interventions that to can be delivered privately or prescribed by a professional, from professionals such as Social Workers, Teachers, Doctors, Police Officers, and Probation Services.  Interventions are delivered in several formats; one to one, group or families, targeting a range of issues that affect society.


Our CEO and Founder Stephen Allen, has gained extensive experience in managing the emotions of young people and adults in a range of sectors over the past 20 years. In ever demanding and challenging environments, he has developed and implemented many successful behaviour strategies, interventions and workshops to enable a positive change to the environment.  His success has led to the creation of ‘Emotivating Minds’. Sarah Dawson, the Director of Therapy, has a wealth of experience supporting and delivering a range of holistic therapy interventions including play therapy with outstanding results in specialised schools and residential care provisions. Amy Gunner, the Director of Health, is a qualified Teacher and Author whom specialises in the development of educational resources for students and educators. Her years of experience in teaching diverse abilities across mainstream and SEN provisions, has enabled her to be able to identify and support the ever expanding educational needs of young people to remove barriers to learning. Our many years of experience across a variety of settings in residential care, education and other various institutions have enabled our team to develop the skills to become outstanding practitioners. our directors oversee and facilitate interventions, ensuring the achievement of best hopes for the client.

Behaviour Assessment

Our assessments period starts at the referral stage and finishes after the post intervention meeting. All intervention packages require sustained behaviour assessment. To successfully change behaviour we encourage our clients to regularly self-reflect, to help develop their emotional competences. Our staff use the data gained from assessment to help shape ongoing interventions to best suit the needs of the individual. At the end of the assessment period we provide an ‘Emotivating Behaviour Management Report’ to further support client progression.