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About Us

Emotivating minds is a UK based organisation who are dedicated to empowering communities by
developing emotional literacy, through motivational and therapeutic interventions. We work with professionals from many sectors, such as; educational settings, emergency services, marketing managers etc.

Our person centered approach, provides one to one and group sessions for people that have been negatively
affected by their emotions. Our experts draw on their knowledge, to offer a diverse range of services for professionals
and members of the public.


Our community project ‘Emotivating the Community’ is a charity that works hards within the community to support people with their mental health.


We offer a range of services for organisations, professionals and members of the public, providing bespoke behavioural interventions to improve mental wellbeing. Our interventions can be
accessed by anyone who needs additional support moving forward with their lives.

What we do

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Our training is delivered by experienced practitioners to meet the needs of the individuals, small groups plus large corporate groups. We work holistically with professionals to break down work related and personal barriers and stigmas to help them perform to the best of their ability in all aspects of life with a focus on the workplace.

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Emotivating Communities

We work with people in the local communities to support them with their mental health.

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